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What's so special about the Porsche 968?

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Let's take a look at one of the early water-cooled, front-engined cars made by Porsche. Thanks Rush for letting me use your car!


In the early 90s Porsche was known for making fast expensive sports cars with flat-six motors that were air-cooled the Porsche 968 behind me is Porsches attempt at making a more affordable vehicle with a smaller four-cylinder liquid-cooled engine my name's Richard Watteau and today we're going to take a look at this car and see what it's like.

so first a quick history lesson there was a car called the 924 which evolved into the 944 now a lot of people think that the 968 is just a 944 with different body panels on it but that's simply not the case Porsche wanted to make a special edition of the 944 kind of like a 944 s3 but as Porsche engineers tinkered and tinkered.

What they ended up doing was replacing 80% of the mechanical components of the car and I think the fact that Porsche engineers were willing to put that kind of passion into developing a car that they knew was on its way out is really astonishing because this platform had been around for about 15 years and it was only the Porsche 968 was only sold for about three years before it was.

Discontinued and replaced by the Boxster so when you pull up the rear hatch upon first glance it doesn't seem like there's a lot of space but once you fold down the rear seats you find that you can easily put a road bike in here so this car is very practical when it comes to storage space especially considering this as a sports car especially considering this as a Porsche the 944.

That the 968 replaced had these flat hidden pop-up headlights which Porsche changed in favor of the rounded headlights that's much more characteristic of Porsche also the 944 had a flat and flush front-end whereas the 968 has these slight humps which kind of make it look like it's almost a Porsche 911 up front so with the headlights off the 968 looks almost like.

A supercar but with the headlights on it looks like a snail now from a mechanical perspective the Porsche 968 has two really interesting design elements the first one being the motor now this has a 4-cylinder 16-valve motor with variable valve timing and it puts out 247 horsepower and 225 pound feet of torque but while most four-cylinder engines are about 2 litres in size the Porsche 96.

Eighths motor is 3 litres so at the time of production the Porsche 968 had the third largest 4-cylinder engine put into a production the other interesting design element of the Porsche is the placement of the transaxle now we all know that Porsche loves to put their motors in the back of their cars but Porsche begrudgingly put a motor in the front of this 968 but.

They just couldn't help themselves they had to put something in the rear so while most cars have an engine and a transmission up front Porsche put the engine of this car in the front but they put the trans axle in the rear and that's ingenious because the heavy motor in the front is balanced out by the heavy trans axle in the rear and the result of this is that the 968 has.

Nearly perfect 50:50 weight distribution and while older 911s are notorious for having their rear ends fishtail out and lose traction because most of the weight is in the rear of those cars the 968 is notoriously predictable when it comes to handling so this thing is a lot of fun to drive it goes from zero to 60 miles an hour.

And 5.6 seconds and it goes up to its top speed of a hundred fifty to two miles an hour if I'm not mistaken which is not bad for a vehicle that's twenty four years old it's really easy to shift I like the mechanical feel of it I like the smell of the interior inside I think it's a really great vehicle and I can't get over how smooth it is in these corners it's just so well balanced you.

Can just feel the fate that Porsche has put a lot of effort into making the handling and everything really great in this vehicle one of the things I love are the brakes are there four Pistons vented Brembos that they took from the 944 turbo because it's a four-cylinder engine the power delivery is really linear and it comes in around 2500 rpm we feel a lot of course early on as well.

There's a throaty growl at low speeds and a reassuring home at high speeds this thing is just a ton of fun to drive


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