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Last to Spill Wins on WORLDS Biggest Water Slide! (GAME MASTER Hidden Clues in Hawaii )

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Watch - LAST TO DROP Wins GAME MASTER Giant Hatchimals from 45ft! (Rebecca Zamolo Twin Found Spying) -
After Rebecca Zamolo had an underwater battle royale in backyard w/ Stephen Sharer then the Game Master spy and camera man Daniel takes lie detector test, Matt and Rebecca uploaded Last To Sink Wins Treasure Chest in our backyard against the Sharer Fam siblings. We trusted Daniel but he locked us in an escape room in real life when he told us it was a secret underground tunnel. We woke up on a plane heading to Hawaii with Stephen and his sister (not twin) Grace Sharer. In this video, they compete on a giant water slide outside while trying not to spill their cups of water. Has the GM hacked into our challenge and left secret hidden clues?
▶ Last GameMaster secret hidden riddle to solve:
▶ New GM Network video to help us using the coder!
When R & S were next to open an envelope from the island adventure detector briefcase. They had less than 24 hours to complete their next challenge at a giant waterpark in Hawaii. At the water park I put out polls on my Instagram stories and you decide which slide I should go down. Then we went exploring underwater in the wave pool to find hidden clues and my husband (not brother) Matt found the most. We had a top secret conversation with our camera man Daniel who used his ninja hacker skills to uncover the RZ twin spying at our Island adventure house. We had to keep this a secret while we did the final challenge against the Sis vs. Bro. Finally, we try not to spill our cups of water on the world’s largest water slide. It was so much fun and hilarious. What do you think the Game Master video will reveal? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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SnapChat: rebeccazamolo
12021 Wilshire Blvd number 714
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- Hey Zam fam, its Rebecca and right now I'm about to open the nextIsland Adventure Challenge. You guys know that we endedup in Hawaii with the Sharers. And on our Matt and Rebecca channel we did the Last To SinkChallenge challenge and Grace Sharer ended up winning and she got the first point on the leader board right over there. Also you guys, you know we opened this adventure detector briefcase.

And inside were a bunchof these different colored envelopes and since Grace won she picked Steven and Ito do the next challenge, which just happens to beat a water park in Hawaii, it's the worlds largest water park but we can't open theseuntil we get there. So we are going to goget changed right now and head to the water park so we can figure out whatwe're supposed to do, let's go. Zam Fam you guys know that we were sent.

To Hawaii for a specific purpose we are supposed to be tryingto figure out the event date, and inside that treasurebox will have something that will reveal the event date so it's super importantthat we win these challenges and not let Steven or Grace know why we are really doing it. Look, shh, shh. - Daniel told us that there is a key at the bottom of the pool,.

And during the challengeI found this right here, because I was like a spy ninja. - Okay Zam Fam smash thethumbs up button right now if you think this key will work and we will get one morelock off of this lock box. - Yes, it works. - It worked, we're getting so much closer. - How many do we have left? - We only have four.- One, two, three, four. So let's quickly get changed.

And head to the water parkso we can do this challenge. - Yeah, we don't want Steven or Grace to get suspicious. - Yeah, okay. We're heading to the waterpark are you guys excited? - I think I see it right there. - Oh my gosh.- There it is. - Oh it looks so good.- This is gonna be good. Oh, no, no, no, I was justseeing I got a text message on my phone from my mom, so..

- Wait what, wait, oh my god. It looks so good.- Oh. - This is gonna be so much fun. - I'm so excited.- Woo, yeah! - Whoa, look how cool it is. There is like a surfing pool, and a giant wave pool,and tons of water slides. So now that we're here Ithink we should find a place to put our stuff down. - Yeah, lets put our stuff down quick,.

And lets get these envelopes open. - I know we need to figure out what rides we're supposed to go on hereat this giant water park. - Looks so good.- I'm so excited. Zam Fam smash that thumbsup button right now if you love water parks, wedefinitely love water parks. - I love water parks. - I need to figure out aplace to put our stuff down, where do you guys think we should do it. - We could go down by the pool..

- Yeah we could.- That's a good point. - Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. - Look at that.- Whoa, whoa. - You guys remember our board said Island Adventure Challenge. It was the same thing thatwas at the front door. - Is it unlocked. - Comment below if you wouldgo inside, I think we should. - Yeah.- Yeah. - I mean Island Adventure Challenge.

It's like someone taped this on. - someone knew we were coming.- Yeah, that's so weird. - Hello.- Do you see anything? - I see food.- Whoa. - Oh yeah!- Woo,woo, yum. - This is all for us.- Yeah. - This is such a fun day here. - Whoa, pizza. - Who sent all this though,who put this together. - I don't know.- Wait..

- The envelope.- Oh yeah, lets open that. - So I guess I'm gonnaknow what the challenge is. Welcome to Wet N Wild,enjoy the water park. But only three rides arepart of your challenge. The total points you earn must be added to the other envelope for your total score for the over all challenge winner. So Steven you have an envelope too. - I got an envelope too, let's figure out all the challenges we've got to do..

- Okay there's three rides.- Okay look. - What's the first one? - Volcano Express. - It's right there. - So I wonder how we know whowins for these water slides. - Yeah. - Well there's only one way to find out, let's get to that rideand maybe there're a clue. - Okay.- Let's go, we're good. - Okay.- Ah yeah!.

- Let's go, let's go.- Let's go to the first ride. - It looks bigger in person. Wait a second, where do we set up for us. - You guys look for some type of clue. We need to figure out howto get points on this. - Oh yeah, what are we supposed to be doing here, we don't even know. - I have no idea. - I would say go to the top first. Wait, wait, wait, stop, stop..

- You think that's something? - Aloha.- Did someone drop that? - Oh yeah, there's a message. - You're Zam Fam decides your slide, first equals three points,second equals two points, and third equals one point, and then fourth doesn't get any points, so we all have to race each other. - Down the slide. - Wait Matt you decide, remember when.

I did the try not to pushthe wrong mystery box. I put it on my Instagram stories - You guys in the Zam Fam are gonna pick on my Instagram storieswhat slide I go down. - Whoa Zam Fam decide, lets do it. - Let's go do it. I'm gonna take a picture andput it on my stories right now. Okay so we are almost to the top. I hope you guys pickeda good slide for me. A fast one so I can win the most points..

All right so you guys inthe Zam Fam voted for me to go down slide number three. So I'm gonna go down this, and Steven and Graceyou guys get to choose. - Okay.- I'll pick this one. - I'll take whateveris left over, alright. Grace, you gonna do, okay I'll do one. - The water is cold, let'sdo this quick Zam fam. - It's so cold.- Oh. - Here we go..

- On three, two, one. - I hope I'm recording, oh my god. - Oh my god. - I won, I won, Zam Fam I did it. I got first place on that one. Three points for me, oh yeah. - Did we like teleportbecause I started on one side and we like flip flopped. - Yeah, I was in lane fourbut I ended up in lane three. - What, so you got three points,.

Grace got second.- So I get two points. - Two points.- I got one point. - Zam Fam.- Rebecca got zero. - I got zero.- What are we waiting for, - lets move to the next one.- Yeah. - Let's go. - So the next water park ride that the note said - was the wave pool.- Whoa. - And that a wave pool..

- And look at those waves. Let's get out of here now.- Yeah. - Okay I need some points Zam Fam. - We both need points. - Okay.- Found it. - Oh it matches the last one. - Check it out.- Okay. Find Hawaii in the water,first is three points, second two points, and third is one. - One point..

- So right now you're in the lead Steven. - I got three points.- I got two points. - Find a Hawaii. - Rebecca has none. - Maybe it's on the bottom.- Yeah. - Or like a flower. - I think I know what it is, I'm not gonna tell anybody though because I'm gonna comein front of the crew. - What.- Yeah..

- Let's go. - We're gonna go findall of them right now. What are we looking for? Oh they're getting floaties. - No, we don't have time, we've gotta go. - Okay.- Woo, wave pool. - I'm grabbing a boogy board. - That's a tube Grace. Grace watch out, whoa, Grace. - Do you guys see anything, Matt?.

- Oh, right here, Ithink that's it right there. Hold on, look I got one, woo woo. - Rebecca found one.- Hey. - What is it?- Look it says Hawaii on it. - Oh. - Oh, I got it. I got one.- Got it. - I got another one. - What, what? - Hawaii, I have two guys..

- Okay, are there any more in there? - I don't know. - Oh you found them,no, they found them all. I think that means Igot zero points, oh no. - Before Grace and Steven get back in here we need to talk to Daniel. We got a message from the game master and it said that he'dbe sending us a message. Maybe Daniel knows what it is. Hey Daniel, where are you right now?.

- Hey Rebecca, I'm insidethe control room right now. - Okay perfect, so the gamemaster sent us a message on our Apple watch and hesaid he was gonna be sending us a message here. Do you know what it is? - Yes I talked to him, youneed to find a sprinkler. - Oh, like a decoy hidden sprinkler, like what we saw at the Sharer fam pond in their back yard,you remember that Matt? - Oh yes, yes, yes..

- Okay, perfect, sinceyou are there can you look at the safe house that we're at right now and see if anyone's there, since we're clearly not,we're at the water park. - Yeah, sure, one sec. Oh no. - What? - Rebecca Zamolo's twin is there. - The RZ twin, my twin's there? - Let me send you this footage..

- What is she doing? - She's back? - I have no idea, but I'll keep an eye onher and get back to you. - Okay, yeah, let usknow if you find anything and we'll pretend like nothings going on and we're just doing a fun challenge. - Sounds good.- Okay, thanks Daniel. Okay, they're gonna behere in a few seconds, so we need to go out andfind the sprinkler, come on..

- Yeah, let's go. - So Daniel said there'sa sprinkler, Matt. So we've gotta look for a sprinkler. - Yeah. - Look, you think this is it? - That looks just like a normal, oh it's untwisting, it's untwisting. - It's twisting but it's not it. I think we need to stay here though, so Grace and Stevendon't suspect anything..

- I see one. - There's one down there. - Oh yeah, is it it. - No, is there any where else you see. - Bec. - This is it. It's a key. - Oh, oh, put it back. - It's a key for the lockbox, so let's put this inside and get back in beforeGrace and Steven get back..

- Yep. - Okay, so Matt found two of these. - Yeah. - So you get three points. And Grace and I both found one. - I got one. - So we each one two points.- Two points, okay. - Second place tied. - And last place. - I got zero..

- Okay, so we have one more ride, the Shaka and then we have toput all the points together, and we're gonna see who wins, okay. - This is gonna be scary.- Oh boy. - Okay, so let's get over there. - Let's go find this thing. - Okay you guys, now I have a lot to gain. I need some more points. - We really needto get that pleasure map. - It's massive.- I know..

- Wait, there's the next clue. - Read it, it's a clue. - It says, try not tospill you cup of water. First equals three points.- Three points. Second two, and third one point. - One point, okay.- Okay. - It's the same.- And fourth gets nothing. So Matt you better step it up. - So we need to use thesecups and this water, and fill it up..

- Try not to- Try not to spill it. - Where's the ride at. - There's a line, it's right there. - Look at that.- Okay. - Fill up the cup, it's gotthe fill line right there. - And we can't spill it.- Okay, ready. There and now we'll know if you spill any we'll know how low it gets.- Yep. - Oh, Matt I got yours too. - Awesome..

- Yes.- Let's do this. - Let's go. - Alright Zam Fam, I asked youif I should go first or last, and you guys voted for me to go first. - Uh oh. - So this is a lot of pressure,and this is very steep. Um I guess I'll see you guys.- Good luck. We'll be down here waiting. - So I think my strategy isputting the cup in between like right here, and I hold it there,.

I don't know this could be a disaster. We'll just try. Smash the thumbs up for good luck. - Three, two, one, go. - How much water do you have? - Oh my gosh, look. - Damn. - Good amount, okay. Let me grab my hat. I don't think anyone else isgonna have more water than me..

I feel good about this, alright. - Sit down, let's see what you got. - Okay. - Here's Rebecca's. - I don't wanna do this. - Just don't spill yourcup, Grace you'll be fine. You got this. - Okay, Zam Fam, smash that like button. I hope I can finish withsome water in my cup. - Three, two, one, go..

- I don't know if I have any water left. - The water got squished. - See how much you got left. - Oh I got some water left. - No refills. - Look at how much I have. - Did I get more than you? - No.- No. What how did you keep that there. - Ready for this, I gotmy cup, let's do this..

Yeah, stop. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. I got a bunch of water left. - No.- Yeah. - Oh no, he might be first. - That was insane.- Steven is in first. - Yeah.- I'm in second..

Grace is in third, andnow Matt is gonna go, and we'll see how much water Matt holds. - Oh, we're going up pretty high. - Oh my gosh. - Whoa. - He's holdingthat cup good though. - I don't think I beat Steven. - Oh no. - No, Steven, won. - Alright so thatcompletes another challenge.

On the Island AdventureChallenge you guys, what are our total points right now? - Total points me infirst place with 6 points. - Oh my gosh.- Five points. - I got four.- And I got four. But Steven is not necessarily the winner make sure to check outthe video on his channel because we're combining points. So comment below what our total points was from both of our challenge videos..

And let us know because someoneis getting that necklace. - The lucky winner necklace.- Yeah. - Alright guys, thankyou so much for watching. - Whoa, whoa, whoa hold on. - I think he's taking over this challenge. - I got it, I'm recording.


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