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Королева тверка - Оля Лета. Танцуют все! Сезон 9. Выпуск 1. Кастинг в Днепре

Опубликовано: 3 года назад
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Оля Лета - настоящая королева тверка! Эта горячая штучка уже успела стать настоящей скандальной личностью, а в родной Беларуси ее танцы люди называют сплошным развратом. Участием в шоу девушка хочет доказать, что такие экзотические танцы достойны восхищения. Смотрите прямо сейчас!
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Olga Leta Striped Black&White Bee Hello! Hello! Such a warm surname you have. Yes. Where are you from? I am from the city Grodno Belarus. Well, what are you doing there?.

I dance Dancehall and Twerk. Have you any achievements, successes or awards? Dancehall Queen Belarus 2013 and Twerk Queen Belarus in 2016. In General, the two times you coronated, didn't you? Yes. Wow! Super sexy. Super sexy hot. Hot Queen..

Passers-by just freeze when I'm dancing in the street. The men become... and the women close men's eyes. Don't look at her! I raise all my city on the ears. I am a scandalous figure in my city. They say that this is all some kind of pornography that is corrupting people and so on....

One of the articles: "Provocative dancer of our city Olga Leta again shot the video" and these comments again *** Today we'll check out the So you think you can dance! Is it true or not... Oh, yes! Wow! Wow!.

That part I like! Yeah! Hot Queen! Look, he doesn’t leave. It's love! Can we duplicate again? Another one shot. Olga, I never admired this style of dance.

At this stage Maybe women are incorrectly portrayed, Maybe not until the end it was perfect, but somehow it all into place. Into place. And lipstick. And suit. And body..

Directly Directly made on me the impression by your twerking. Thank you very much! I agree, Olga, it's really great! You live very beautiful in this style of dance and in this music very beautiful. I think we finally got in 9th season.

At least one Queen in So you think you can dance Show! Thank you! Thank you! Come take a closer look. Wow, how she is pretty! Congratulations! Beautiful girl! Uuhh, what an ASS! And "twerk", how to translate this word? How? "Twerk"? I think.

Something is screwed, no? As a screwdriver.


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