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GOGO Arms & Hip Combinations

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As promised, here is my basic gogo dance tutorial on arm and hip movement.
I hope its helpful. Viewer beware, it a "um" fest I ad-libbed the whole tut. That what happens when you record with limited takes and 3 hours to shoot and edit. I apologize.
Thanks for 1k subs. S2 you all
Some of you have promised me some video submissions! I'm holding you to it ^__^v
Lets be buddies ^___^


Hey guys it's been a long time on this next video tutorial is going to be based on combining upper body and hit those mix in regular dance it'd be upper body and lower body movements but because this video is targeted towards beginner go-go's that are trying to get used to elevated shoes I just wanted to find out combinations that can get you guys really comfortable in your footwork and.

Stance or footing and stance another point that I wanted to touch on was that I'm going to be hitting 1000 subscribers very shortly and just the thought about that just the thought of that is just really exciting and I'm really grateful towards you guys for regresses support and views I've only been making videos for like the past year so thinking that number is.

Very intense and like awesome so um yeah why don't we go ahead and get started first is going to be hip movements this is the most basic way to count the baseline or the kick of the song and I'll actually help you with their tempo of movement as well so you're gonna have your feet it's just right ahead and you're just going to shift your weight it's really basic you're going to have.

You're going to feel the the range of where your body can go without string and that's kind of where you stop so you just shift your weight 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 just have your arms relaxed to the side and perhaps set as much as you can and test it out to different tempos or different music - that's how you will also develop your musicality so when.

You're doing this you can actually do the same movement to the side to the back and then back to the other side so now you have like this plus sign of movement and you're just having your feet together um aside from that the next step is going to be having your legs open so you're going to have your feet about hip width distance apart and you could just you're basically kind of.

Like scooting your booty from like one side to the other and that's basically going to be like twisted but you can also go straight horizontal which is just moving your your hips left and right the same way it was vertically I mean just straight forward but so you can either like twist your body or you can actually just move your weight so there's a.

Little bit a slight difference but it looks really cool and it all depends on how you want to express your body for that song so I'll do the first range of hip motions first or so now for some basic arms it's just like a regular aerobic spoof um there are basically just butterflies so you're going to start with your arms down the.

Center you can bring them all the way up touching and then down there's a lot of different ways that you can um very eight that movement just front then you go to the side in front again and to the other side free balance and there's different ways that you can like alter that you know you can keep one arm up then bring the other one up down cut from behind you or from front to the.

Side and so those are all different things that you want to play with but they all originate from this movement and so um with that if you want to combine with hips so we're going to start off really slow if it's one two three four five six seven eight it's basically going to go towards every other hip so it's one two three four five six.

Seven eight and you can actually change that up you can go one two three four five six seven eight so I'll teach you or another on some of like the formula of our movements that you can do and they're all like they're all variables they're different your body but um as far as this next movement because the other combination was with your legs hip width distance.

Apart this next combination with hips and and arms are going to be with your legs together so it's going to be different very it's you're going to end up walking into an L formation but as you're as you're beginning you can like step into it and then you're going to move your hip towards the right you're going to want to pop your felt right and only the silhouette of your body look.

Really nice so you're going to start off towards the right and then you're going to swing your hips so it goes from here to here right and then you're going to swing towards the wall right let looks really good for breakdowns for like trance sequences for dubstep - anything like point where the song is really epic it's really cool to just like kind of you'll statuesque you can have your.

Hands in on anti pole fist but it's very cheerleader so you want to have your hands open and natural and so just keep practicing like different ways that your arms can go and then you'll figure out where your body is comfortable like which ways that it wants to move when here's a certain sound so once you're you guys are really used to arms and hips you're going to want to start like.

Doing like rolls and like body rotations along with like arm movements so oh yeah and by the way this is always a really good standpoint because this is basically zero starting with like your pants at your hips because this can go anywhere like sorry those too much but basically you you can always stand with your hands to your hips it's like a really cool extent and from here you can.

Go pretty much like almost anywhere like what that was whatever you want to do so yeah good luck I would love to see some videos like it would be really awesome to see you guys celebrate really happy so I hope you guys have a lot of fun till next time see ya


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