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8K - the 3rd single of my album #EVOLVER

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Finalising my 3rd single taken from the new upcoming album #EVOLVER.


All right and we are life see if the camera works works life from Giuseppe Ottaviani studio oh good alright guys welcome back to my studio when you're swimming let's kick off with the big news this is the track you've been waiting for so long and it's called 8k and it's gonna be the third single of my album involve er so about a month ago we we ran a pool.

Asking you guys for you know which track you wanted to have as a second single which was transplant and when we saw the results the result of the pool we noticed that transplant and a que they've both got pretty much the same amount of both so of course after transcendence being the second one it K has to be the third one so this is gonna be the third single and the release date.

Is let me get this right I think it's May 6th I may be wrong I may be right anyway soon soon soon so um it was it was more than a year ago when I you know was playing with my stuff here in the studio and then I came out with this melody uh with a JP I posted a video a short video on my Facebook page you say hey does it sound trans enough you know just like a.

Joke and it's got a lot of clicks a lot of great comments a lot of people loved it which is why I decided to run this into fracking finally release it so the title 8ki basically comes from the name of this keyword it's called JP 8000 so okay simple as that so just a silly title so let me play the melody for you so maybe you.

Remember which one is it so yeah this is the main Arif this is the main melody and the world track is built around this thing now before we start finalizing the track together and I'll show you all the hardware that I've been using here let me let me just point.

This out you know I have a lot of people say but how does it work I mean you make music on a laptop and then you also have hardware why how do you work together well as always I explained this is kind of a hybrid thing okay I normally start and nobody well normally get the inspiration from the hardware so as I said before I was just you know playing around with McKeever's and then I came.

Out with this melody here and then I started to build a track into my laptop and and at this stage I mean I even almost finished the track and I played the track and a taste of the track at the eggs of the 900 and it was pretty good so uh this guy's is the final stage in the final stage I swap the sounds from the few few soft soft synth that I'm.

Using I swapped the sound with the hardware because it sounds more like me so it's not just software it's kind of about you know things mixed together so there are a few sounds that I leave as a as a software because it's sound great as it is I don't want to even touch them in every I'm gonna show you later there's something very cool you can really get it with the hardware I mean.

It's gonna take too much time so I just made like that but for example in this case I'm going to use the dough mainly from the Jaypee the pallets from the supernova the main base it's taken from the virus and the mid-range base is taken from the poly Evolver what else oh yeah piano I've got the piano from the car zero-one WFD and I think that's it in a few.

Hardware compressors few effects I mean I'm gonna explain this step-by-step the other thing is that you know like a lot of people ask me well I should they say oh man you have a massive studio looks great with all that thing you know like of course your production sound great because with such a big studio you can do whatever you want well this is totally wrong because.

You actually don't need this okay you don't need all these things you can possibly do you know music on the laptop which is why like you know even on 16 years old guy which is super talented but they can not afford this you know the studio very super talented you can make a great music which is just a bunch of BS t and in a pair of speakers that's it which is great because now you know.

Music productions you know can be done from anyone like before you know you need to pay big money to afford the big studio and whatsoever so a lot of talented producers they were possibly not able to make music because of you know all the costs involved now everyone can do it and this is great because you know the best music the more basic we have the battery things I think now.

Anyway leave it let's start playing and stop talking so um what you want to do shall we start with a melody oh yeah let's start with a big one okay let's start with a JP huh okay what you want to see um you want to see this I guess right .

I can't hear metronome so I need to bring this down a little bit let me do this old school old school we like here JB right .

Got it nice so this is the end of the loop it's gonna quantize all the notes you shouldn't be any wrong note anyway velocity they all have got the same velocity same length looking good yes let's listen to it live from giuseppe Ottaviani studio nice.

I've got this okay so this sound they sound and say before it's done from the JP JP is running two parts a lower part and then an upper part meat it's basically a flea is like a four voices per part this is you know and they play and you do a mold they play like this now because the delay of the Jaypee usually sucks I mean it's a great delay.

But for some reason always got some leaks annoying clicks so running the Jaypee into was it miss a one TC okay I'm running the JP into this effect board has got reverb and ping pong delay okay Danny goes from a patch Bay it gets into one of this compressor which is not really which one is it okay it gets into compressing number one.

And it should be nice I always forgot to do this but it will be nice to you know just say JP here cool okay I'm going to play and see if the compression is okay and then I'm going to EQ a little bit I think that's the decent button to bring up the volume to the original.

Level like this yeah so sounds good also on here on the mixer I've got a stereo expander stereo an enhancer which is this one from why you can't see it from the camera I think but anyway it's right here and I'm given to the Jaypee a little bit of stereo effect because the Jackman is not really.

Super wide so you know this thing help helps a little bit alright so next is I have a super lush pod from the supernova super pod supernova which is this one the same thing here because I want this to be a little bit louder okay is this right .

now old all the keepers all this keyboards are controlled by this master people here so you see me you know play all the time on this one because this is the one that controls all the gear I.

Just need to select the channel there so now the super nodes aids is selected and then I can you know I can play this yeah I also use this little controller here to to write the the cutoff of the supernova or the other keyboard so for example for play the GP I can't control with this one here and in the case of the supernova I use the red one this one so now you know now you know how it.

Works let me put this one down life from giuseppe Ottaviani studio okay so the supernova goes straight into.

The mix that there is no compression and actually I need to add a little compression to it so I'm gonna remove this one which I'm not using few cables so this is the Super Bowl just e to say this one another port and then back into this let's see works did I mess it up yesterday because that's super no.1 yep so it's already green here.

Oh where's the marker why I need this one good now to make the pad a little be stronger I I had this this one here from the silent which is by the way it this is the same exactly the same sound that I use in my life 2.0 setup which is why I have it here so what I'm gonna do is just duplicate the MIDI track into this.

One and we got silent playing the same thing actually should be one octave higher right so now back to the super so I had I need to add one octave higher to make it stronger and then I think I used let me see it possibly is spire let me guess yes there you go so also here I'm going.

To just add I mean duplicate the MIDI into the spire sound it's to be higher alright next we have a base pot for which are not use for the breakdown before I forget let me see on the on the.

Super cylinder the spy-1 I had a Renaissance compressor and the justice side chain but I think I need ya need more EQ on this let me just finish this one otherwise it will forget sounds good sounds good let's move on I was working on on the base path let me show you this okay so let me solo and.

Then did you live from Giuseppe Ottaviani studio should be fine good now let's go oh let me see let me see let me see it was just all the.

Effects you know let's bring in the keep drunk and and the bass let's work him down which is also very important so kick drum first easy you guys are muted okay now for the base I have three different type of bases the main days which comes from the virus let me let me do this okay the main base comes from this guy then I.

Have a kind of a system base mid-range base coming from the Evolver and from this one and then have third sort of a twice it's no it's not really a base it's something more I don't know how to explain this I hope I call this wide base but I don't know it's not just a basic so spread out to left and right.

And it goes you know so basically this one comes from spire and on the channel of God on LAF let me show you I got the LFO which does the sidechain like a hearts like chain and then I have what is this this is yeah soundToys micro shift this is what makes this sound so wide now Facebook if you're watching this on.

Facebook it's gonna be mono because with Facebook it's all mono if you're watching this on YouTube maybe again you can well no maybe you definitely hear the difference so if I turn this off and if Atherton is on it goes super white and after this I've got again a it's not say no I don't have a I don't have to proceed for the site Shana but that because I have the left pill.

I left or and then the one knob does the filter simple as that so let's put this one in point out I know I know it doesn't sound great like this I know but trust me when it's complete with the other basis then it's gonna sound pretty good let me do this need to shorten this a little bit yeah it slightly longer much I like a little.

Bit longer okay now let's go through the base so as I said before it comes from the virus and it's just one oscillator you have pretty basics it's a pretty basic Slater waves and then yeah quite simple but very effective now I'm gonna play that keyword with this one and record the base and also the saisiyat name rules okay I explained.

This later let me do this first I don't want to hear this okay I need to shorten the nose a little bit I think I like it you know what maybe life from Giuseppe Ottaviani studio think sounds better.

Okay so basically basically this keyboard goes into um the it's got some compression there no but it should be sure on a second and this is what this virus going to what is what yep so basically the virus gets into this patch Bay and I'm connecting the virus input into I mean the virus output into the compressor input here gonna beat this.

One if I turn it on that would be nice yep so this is virus di and then output of Mike refresh circus into the patch Bay again and back to the mixer let's play this okay not too much this is good so this is the difference but before I mean without the EQ and with the EQ the EQ.

Has got the high end like all the way up to give me some high preferences boost it's got lace you don't you don't see this of course better it's got a little bit less mid-range and well let me let me play this for you and this is with much more interesting so how I do the sidechain on the keyboard well I have the kick drum the kick drum drives one of this compressor that you can see from.

Here it's driving one and two so I use both compressor as a side china I mean I have pretty strikes I told you these guys before anyway this new compressor are connected to my groups so what I'll do here is just sending the virus into Group one which is the side chain one which is that one so the kick drum drives the sidechain when you know when you get the kick the volume goes up and.

Down the typical size chain in fact if I turn the kick off you have this result right I'll turn the kick drum on and you get this and of course if I'll let you hear the kick-drum it's even better all right to the next this is the cable that does the sort of mid-range bass and because it does exactly the same thing.

As the main base I'm just gonna duplicate the MIDI right here and play it right Polly warmer get the side chain as well yes sir if I turn on the kick drum issues we should have the side chain going on.

yes all together it's gonna sound like this plus the theory of wide base that I've gone before this one which it sounds crappy when it's on its own it's gonna sound great when they are all together it's allowed.

live from giuseppe Ottaviani studio a little bit much all right sounds good to me um right now I'm just gonna copy this put it here and I need to make the base when the melody goes on because the base changes so let's play just this one as a reference in this part I'm not gonna use in this.

Part I'm not gonna use this so I'm just gonna use this to and I need to modify the base of course let's see right right what I forgot to tell you before is that also the JP goes into my side chain so the JP goes into the compressor patch Bay blah blah blah this into the mixer.

JP goes to group three and four witches there's one which is slight chain two is the camera oh yeah no it's not okay again JP patch Bay compressor back to the batch Bay into the mixer from the mixer I select this and ascend JP into the side chain two into the group three and four such n2 which is that compressor there and that gives the sidechain to the domain elite also.

Because you want to say China also the effect the my F effect board goes into this one here in the mixer and from here it goes also into the side chain too so even the delay in the reverb they get the sidechain effect which is cool yeah that's it you know we talked about this already this is the boring stuff but I see you like it so alright let's move on let's move on to um I have a very nice.

Piano part it's not just a piano as you can imagine it's just a little thing that adds that super nice sweet melody to it let me mute this for a second not actually gonna need to do from here okay so the piano sound comes from the core 0 1 WFT and because the effect on board of this keyboard are pretty rubbish the.

Keyboard goes into one of those effect words and I let me see which one is that okay you can hear me now here it goes into Alice's MIDI verb for this is something very very old yes but it still sounds great so it gets the big every verbal from that guy and then it goes back into my mixer and implies a melody like this .

okay let me fix this I want the velocity would be the same thing but I do and the length as well but I don't want to have the full velocity so I'm bringing this down to I don't know maybe here .

all right we've got pretty much everything live from Giuseppe Ottaviani studio I am missing check on it I need to beat you back to the the straight base this party here what we are missing is what I.

Called aggressive lead and this aggressive lead comes from vsti which is spire surprisingly and it goes like this okay let me apply the kick drum because it's easier right I all mean the little part and then I can loop it again going to fix this actually I want to add a note see just.

One note on the on the beat there has to be let me let me merge this together yes one octave down okay cool this is what I wanted to have and I want to have it very very short right so I'm gonna look this part which is the one that I like over this give them together let's see .

Okay and okay so we got the base we got the pads we got the piano we got the lead this is just a bunch of effects from Z shines because the drums I've got the drums done already if you want to see what I have I'm gonna show you the full part which is it's this one it guests let's see yeah okay this is the full part so um I have this nice loop which I don't.

Remember where I've taken this from I've got this assistance groove still sort of noise going on until this part okay then I just have this in there have open hat another loop very important for me the right and together it sounds like this there you know all the drums are grouped together so if I need to mute them I just select this or if I need to filter.

Them I just go like this which is convenient I didn't talk about the kick drum but it's always pretty much the same thing the same principle as all my other live streaming's battery with a sample the s1 to make it mono and small keys for the filter actually I forgot to look at this good thing I've been looking at this so just making sure you know nothing goes below the 32 Hertz so.

We are clear right so this is the full part there is only one sound which is possibly the most recognizable and important sound of this track which is it's made by this very interesting synth which is called synth master but the the actual sound that you're gonna hear now it's all donned by this plug-in which is called crystal.

Crystallizer so first of all let me turn this off so you see you actually you can hear the original sound well original pretty much okay so there is a bunch of plugins here but it's mainly for you know multiband compression do you see this yes yeah it's basically multiband compression more compression what's this I'm not using this I guess oh well sidechain.

Room work tie reverb ping-pong on chopper autopan and this is just a gain level anyway mmm it doesn't really affect much the sound and the sound it's like this let me play it and if you wonder how this preset it's called it's called ARP mind UK alright there's one if you can see it live from Giuseppe Ottaviani studio it's already a.

Nice sound but what it makes it very very special for me it's this crystallizer plug-in from soundToys and you can hear what it does so again the dry sound and the wet sound with a plug-in on it's crazy isn't it everybody gets crazy hey this is what he does okay okay okay okay I think we got all the sounds it's.

Time to bring the sounds into the arrangement and go ahead with the tracking god this is gonna be long streaming right um what bass bass bass let's start with the bass always is the main fire okay okay you can hear me now okay this.

Is the the only issue I have if there is something you know if there is a sound going on you cannot hear my voice because if you know whenever there's a sound coming out the mixer it cuts off my microphone so you know when you have a long delay I just need to wait before I can talk otherwise you won't hear me I just want to let you know so I want to make a change here in the base I want to.

Go into the room to room to room well let me just do it it's easier I need to do step by snow I can do this to both together come on what is it I wanted to this again .

Go that's a lot do you know okay I'm gonna bring and the what I called the aggressive line from before I start it from here I want to write the filter so I'm gonna do it right now .

sounds good so this is the part where the piano comes in there we go let's see right here life from Giuseppe Ottaviani studio okay and this is the part where the pads come in all of it no is it all and let me see.

I won't bring in the silent pads first and then bring in the supernova that's how it works out okay okay I need to bring in the supernova pads as well that is that is the starting point and.

I'm gonna record this wrong I don't need this anymore okay and this is the part where the JP.

Comes in I'm gonna show you why here to do .

All right so I need to and the one octave higher lead on top of this when everything explodes I need to filter up the path so everything opens up let's go for this first actually now I wanna you know I want to I want to control the pads first so let me do the silent one and then I do the rest .

okay it's phenomenal right here live from giuseppe Ottaviani studio control this this one we're here and .

yes um what else am I missing I'm missing the bass line coming in when everything explodes and the breakdown so I'm talking about this part I'm sure this talking about this part here in the middle I need to add some bass .

it's good possibly possibly need to bring down the volume little bit because otherwise is too much and there is no impact when on the drop and since the meatiest up I think I need to do by L do okay doesn't bother me so what I'm gonna do.

Is adding any audio track I call it a vase whatever basic audio I'm going to record this into this track so select team still one let me double check my connections sir n 1 & 2 1 & 2 it sounds good ok go record gonna record this possibly just with one thing and then aim.

alright so I'm gonna take this bird here and again I'm muting the actual bass and let's see much better okay okay I know you're with him for this I know you're waiting for this so I well.

Me too I got a copy one two one two same thing here I'm not copying this one I need to know me too and the base the one we made before and there we go let's see I definitely no need the pads going on here because too much already so again .

live from giuseppe Ottaviani studio okay so what I want to do is have a listen from the beginning till here and then I'm going to adjust few things which I don't like in the meantime you just have a listen yeah I'm gonna use this camera here so you can even I just realized that it never changed.

The camera for some reason huh okay well it's fine seriously what's wrong with you I never mind never mind just keep going okay I'm gonna have a listen probably knows which the camera from my computer now so basically you haven't seen I don't know what never mind I check this when when this framing is over okay fine let's keep going.

huh where is it .

from giuseppe Ottaviani .

was it by like this super year .

and here's the fun part and here's the fun part that Triplette yeah see if I got this right you need to do a true flat-six thing sounds good to me let's give this a.

Different color yeah whatever I know it sounds strange but I like the fact that the base is in tree plant and the rest it's not and you know it's weird but I like the contrast I don't know I just don't like it life from giuseppe Ottaviani studio.

alright well it's pretty much done I just need to finish something let's fly the truck from starting the end and then and then I think that's it because the next part is me recording every single sound into the audio and do the final mixing and levels and that's gonna take another two two hours of just you know really really boring stuff that's.

That's really boring I guarantee okay let's not listen to the track and see what we have .

all right okay that's it I said before now I need another couple of hours where I'm going to record every single sound because every keyboard now has to be recorded separately into the you know one hold each channel into the mix into the computer so I can have the full thing together in in the box and then I'm gonna penalize the filters and.

Everything and that's you know it's like you know recording every single sound so it's gonna take seven minutes per keyboard that's that's the boreal that's the real boring stuff so yeah that's it um what else no much the same II will be talking for quite quite some time today so hope you enjoy this and again 8k next single out of my album revolver I'm going to be.

Released on May 6 and yeah hope you like it yeah okay I'll see you pretty sure I'll see you soon for another streaming because I have a lot of things to do to finish the album I have a lot of tracks till you know two to finalize and then I'll see you in possibly in a week or even less all right thank you guys for watching and I'll see you soon ciao


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